Vote to Put Money in the US Economy

7 07 2015

The Republicans have this war against working people and they mostly fail to understand American economics 101 and yet their campaigns blaming your problems on “the other guy” seem to keep working.

You probably know that our economy depends on the flow of money. We need to buy things to keep the economy going. Working people do that. For the most part, the rich that contribute so much to the Republican Party don’t.

When you get a raise, you buy food, you buy school supplies, you buy cars and you pay your taxes on it. When corporate and owner profits increase, they hide it in foreign banks. They do not spend it. They do not pay taxes on it. It does not trickle down.

Being against a raise in the minimum wage, being against union wages, being against living wages may be good for the economies of the Swiss and Cayman Island banks, but it is not good for America.

The WPA worked. The stimulus worked. Getting money into the hands of working people is good. The Obama administration has grown the economy such that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of private sector jobs. This would have been helped if the Republican legislature had also passed one or two jobs bills, but they refused. Working people with money spend it and the economy grows. The people in the legislature aren’t stupid. They know that. But working people don’t add enough to their campaign coffers to get their attention.

This next election, don’t vote for the candidates paid for by corporations. Vote for the candidates who grow the economy by placing more money in the hands of workers.

The economy isn’t being stalled by the poor immigrant picking strawberries, it is being stalled by the flag waving Republican congressman funded by Nestle, Monsanto and the Koch brothers.

Stop the Hate

17 01 2015

To my conservative Facebook friends:  We have disagreements. That’s okay. But please get off the Fox News hate train. Not all Muslims are your enemy. The President of the United States is not your enemy. Not all people needing unemployment and welfare are deadbeats. Not all minimum wage workers are dumbass idiots. Income equality is currently at the worst point almost ever. The rich people who inherited their wealth tell you that poor people are lazy, that keeping the minimum wage low and keeping poor people poor is good for you. It’s not. We need to lift up our brothers and sisters. They continually imply that there is a multitude of black teens out there who are lazy, dangerous thugs in hoodies and if they get shot, they deserved it. No questions asked. If you believe that, please unfriend me now. Fox News does not want you to notice the massive income equality between you and rich people. Instead, concentrate on hating Muslims and immigrants and liberals and welfare cheats. Please. I beg you. Get off the Fox News hate train.

You People Are So Weird

4 04 2014

You do know, don’t you, that we accounting types are totally bewildered by the rest of you. I’ve come to accept that some of you don’t balance your checkbooks every other day, and realized long ago that not many of you, when you go down a flight of stairs, are counting them off to yourself. But today, our office manager confided to me that she’s okay with the file folders being boxed with tab positions all grouped together. That’s hard to accept. And, frankly, I suspect that some you guys working out at the gym are not counting your reps and sets. But don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

Still Love Michigan?

28 02 2014

Okay, it’s February 28 and still freezing cold. Minus seventeen wind chill. I heard a bird chirping this morning and, though I don’t speak bird, I think he was saying, “Why the hell did I come back to Michigan?”

But, c’mon. It’s sunny and, yes, a little nippy. But it’s Winter. And here in Michigan, we also have Spring and Summer and Autumn. I still very much love Michigan!

I have decided …

20 01 2014

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Not a New Year’s Resolution

4 01 2014

In fall of 2013, I finally faced the fact that a New Year’s resolution to work out more is ridiculous. It can’t be a diet or this year’s fitness regimen. It has to be your lifestyle. So, while this pic was taken on January 4, 2014, it is not to show you that I am keeping a New Year’s resolution. It is to show that I hit the gym several times a week because that is my lifestyle. And (may I say) not a bad one at that.ymca 01.04.14 no smile

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

18 12 2013

Merry Christmas 2013. And, yes, I am politically correct and say, “Happy Holidays” to my non-Christian friends and folks whose theology is unknown to me. From what I read in the Bible, my Lord and savior was pretty tolerant and welcoming to those everyday folks struggling with their faith. I’m pretty comfortable with Him as my role model. Click on the Faith, Fitness, Career or Family buttons above for more.