A Reflection on my Sons

I am single. I have always been single. And will always be single. But in 1998-1999 I decided to be a Dad.

My first foster son showed up on July 25, 1999. I remember the day that the social worker pulled up in front of my house and brought him to me. I instantly fell in love with him and I love him to this day. He is my son. And his son is my grandson.

Since then, I have adopted two other sons. They were not my birth sons. They each have a history that they experienced without me. But the universe brought them to me and they are my sons. Maybe in God’s plan they were always meant to be my sons.

This is what my family looks like. I know it is not your traditional idea of what a family looks like. But it is what my family looks like.

I am the luckiest guy I know.


Wow. It hit me this morning, on Anthony’s last day of school before graduation next Saturday. For the first time since becoming a Dad on July 25, 1999, I will not have a child in either middle school or high school. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, but overall the most amazing and rewarding experience ever, one that I would not trade for anything. I will always have a special place in my heart for each of my sons through the years: Tony, Brandon, Xavier, Isaac, Jordon, Michael, Ronnie and, of course, the two “keepers,” the two loves of my life, Corey and Anthony. God bless each of you.


Here are my DeLine aunts and uncles. Five couples comprising Dad and his siblings that made a great mix. Paul and Jeanette, Chalk and Ed, Birdie and Carl, Dad and Mom, and Dorothy and Jelly. Six of the ten have passed on but thanks to this picture, they will always be right here for me to remember and be thankful that they were in my life.


Three paths

My sons are on three different paths, but all seem to be headed toward satisfying adult lives.  Tony has enough credits to be considered a junior in college and strives to be out on his own.  He will make it I am certain.  Corey is in a great program at Crossroads which requires an effort on his part which, so far, he is willing to do.  Keep it up Corey.  Anthony is getting better grades now in tenth grade but still needs to steer away from the distractions that abound.  And I am here to help.

I am here to help all three, but the ultimate decision about staying on the path is theirs.


Anhony’s adoption day with Judge Garcia.

Watch this space. The DeLine family that I am from is from Quincy. The DeLine family that I built is in Lansing.



What do ya do when the money is running low and one of your kids needs to move home to get out of a bad situation?  You take them in, of course!

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31 10 2011
Lori Hatfield

Mom’s O.K. We went shopping & got her winter boots. Then tonight Troy & the boys & Eric & Melissa & kids came for dinner & Trick or Treating. Whew! Troy is taking her home tomorrow. I think it was good for her to go out. She was pretty tired tho. Thank you for helping set up her computer. Luv ya

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