Extra! Extra! Old Dog to Learn New Tricks!
That’s right Lansing City Council voted unanimously tonight to promote me to Internal Auditor. While that may sound like a glorified bean counter, I will actually be responsible for conducting research on city finances, contracts, plans, and even the administration of city departments. And not just research. Also analysis and recommendations. The pay is very good. Of course just as I got voted in, I can get voted out. I start two days after I turn sixty. I like that. Senior power!


I am thrilled that my career has been as the guy in law enforcement who knows business, the guy in media who knows business, the guy in recreational sports who knows business.


Wow. Been Budget Control Supervisor of the Lansing Police Department for 15+ years.

Would a new challenge be nice?  Yes, it would.  Is being here in my comfort zone nice?  Yes, it is.


Keywords: Lansing Accounting Auditor

2 responses

14 04 2011
Rosetta Young

Hi Jim. Remember me? I graduated with you in 1971 from Quincy hope I have the right guy. Bill Fry gave me you .com info. I hear there is a reunion comming up.

16 04 2011
Jim DeLine

Great to hear from you, Rosetta. I e-mailed the reunion info to you. Looking forward to a great weekend.

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