Stop the Hate

17 01 2015

To my conservative Facebook friends:  We have disagreements. That’s okay. But please get off the Fox News hate train. Not all Muslims are your enemy. The President of the United States is not your enemy. Not all people needing unemployment and welfare are deadbeats. Not all minimum wage workers are dumbass idiots. Income equality is currently at the worst point almost ever. The rich people who inherited their wealth tell you that poor people are lazy, that keeping the minimum wage low and keeping poor people poor is good for you. It’s not. We need to lift up our brothers and sisters. They continually imply that there is a multitude of black teens out there who are lazy, dangerous thugs in hoodies and if they get shot, they deserved it. No questions asked. If you believe that, please unfriend me now. Fox News does not want you to notice the massive income equality between you and rich people. Instead, concentrate on hating Muslims and immigrants and liberals and welfare cheats. Please. I beg you. Get off the Fox News hate train.



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