Milk and Butter with Aunt Dorothy

6 03 2011

I remember, as a kid, visiting Aunt Dorothy and Uncle JL (known as Uncle “Jelly”) on the farm.  They did not have indoor plumbing, so if you had to go to the bathroom, it meant a trip to the outhouse.  The milk was thick and had probably just left the cow yesterday.  Butter was not so thick and sat on a plate on the dining room table 24 / 7.  Today, of course, I drink 2% milk and my “spread” is from soybean oil.

It’s not that I would ever want to go back to the days without a gazillion choices at Kroger, but how cool that I lived at a time when I got to experience life with Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Jelly.



One response

7 03 2011
Jim DeLine

May they both rest in peace.

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