Those gold rods up there

5 03 2011

FYI – The gold rods at the top of the page are from a photo I took of artwork at the Hishhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.    An amazing art collection that you should make time to see on your Washington D.C. itinerary.

Gotta mix it up, I guess

18 02 2011

Boy, the turmoil. Us government workers at every level are facing the absence of funds in our employer’s bank accounts. My church is also running on empty and the bookkeeper / Treasurer bailed leaving a lot in my lap. And my aging parents are facing one health crisis after another. But, hey. Having made it to my late fifties, I know life goes on. If I allow my stress to take over and forget the beauty and love that is right before my eyes, I am the big loser. Pause. Be thankful for the bounty that is life.

Autumn 2010

26 09 2010

OMG, it is fall already.  I joined Twitter and heard a great talk the other day from Eric Qualman on social media.  Convinced me to get off my butt and work harder on this website / blog.  Watch for new things soon.  Really.

Ahhhh. Summer 2010.

14 08 2010

Riding in early August 2010

Let’s get started!

27 02 2010

Okay. I gave up alcohol for Lent. I have a load of new supplements. I bought a razor for body hair. So now, I gotta get rid of this cold and other excuses and get my butt in the gym.

My Politics

22 01 2010

I was thinking of starting a new category called Politics but that would imply that my politics are separate from my faith. They aren’t. I believe in compassion. I believe that my role in life is to do things for others first.

In my faith, these concepts are important to God, taught by Christ and nutured by the Spirit. In politics, clearly one political party is more compassionate than the other.

I could get used to this

28 12 2009

I am on a two week “vacation” at home. Actually, it was a week long vacation that turned into two weeks due to the Mayor’s proclamation that City Hall is closed between Christmas and New Year’s and the employees are on unpaid furlough days. Funny that he waited until after the election to announce this.

Anyway, it is nice to wake up, have my coffee, read the paper, surf the web a bit, workout at the Y, read and / or watch a movie and putter around the house. I could get used to this. If only all those bills didn’t need to be paid.