Woke up on the morning of my 65th birthday and took this selfie. Hopefully, I can keep a fitness program going for many more years. They say it looks good on me.

aug 24 2018 b



Yep. Still working out even at my age. It takes me away. It tuckers me out. I know. Next time, smile for your selfies. This is fun, darn it.

ymca 01.04.14 no smile

Yippee. Starting a two-week vacation soon. That means my fitness routine will get a kick in the butt.

How I feel Mon-Fri is not how I feel after a workout.

How I feel Mon-Fri is not how I feel after a workout.

Really. I usually close out a workout by pumping the hell out of a particular muscle. It makes you feel really buff!

Actually, many people don’t know that I lift weights. I dress pretty conservatively. Once, a couple new police officers at work came across me in the workout room wearing a sleeveless shirt. It made me smile when they saw my arms and said, “Damn!”

02/18/11I find it helps to have a deadline.  Gotta be in shape for the 5K that I registered for.  Gotta look as buff as a 57 year old guy can for that 40th high school reunion in June.12/01/10Since my hours at work were cut to 36/week, I was spending two hours at the beginning of each Tuesday and Thursday working out at the Y.  Starting yesterday, it’s gonna be two hours each Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 pm so my son, Anthony, can join me and get in some exersize.  He spends too much time at the keyboard.  Hope he sticks with it.  I’m sure his Y time will bring some positive changes that he will find worth it.10/8/10Saw the orthopedic surgeon today about my bad knees. He said I have torn cartilage, arthritis, and I’m bow-legged … plus one leg is ½” shorter than the other because of an accident I was in years ago. He also shared with me that life is not fair and maybe my jogging days are over. Thanks, doc.The remedy?1- I already have the shoe repair people add 1/2″ to the sole of my left shoe with each new pair I buy.2- Doctor started me on inserts in my shoes which angle so the uneven stress on my knees caused by being bow-legged is offset.3- He injected each knee with cortisone and is willing to try some sort of lubricant injections if needed (WD-40?).4- He suggested I go back to bicycling instead of  jogging.  It’s better on the knees but watch out for drunk drivers!He says every activity has its potential downside, even walking across the street … but you can’t just sit around and not live your life.  I like this guy.  He says, “See you in another six years, Jim.”  Good ol’ Dr. Uitvlugt.***********************

The fitter I get, the fitter I want to be.  There could be worse pastimes.  This pic is from 2009 and am hoping to get more fit in 2010.  We will see.

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23 01 2010
27 02 2010
Jim DeLine

How fit do I want to be? When I rob a bank, I want the police dispatcher to say, “the suspect is described as a male caucasion, six foot one with a muscular build.”

14 08 2010
Dave Reed

Hey Jim, nice blog page. I tried to find you on Facebook. Send me an invite and I’ll add you. Use the address I just gave you .

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