I could get used to this

28 12 2009

I am on a two week “vacation” at home. Actually, it was a week long vacation that turned into two weeks due to the Mayor’s proclamation that City Hall is closed between Christmas and New Year’s and the employees are on unpaid furlough days. Funny that he waited until after the election to announce this.

Anyway, it is nice to wake up, have my coffee, read the paper, surf the web a bit, workout at the Y, read and / or watch a movie and putter around the house. I could get used to this. If only all those bills didn’t need to be paid.

Hello world!

26 12 2009

This is my welcome to WordPress.com. It is my first post. Yippee!

The pic above of yellow light rods is from the Smithsonian’s modern art museum. I went there a couple years ago with my son, Corey, and my foster son (at the time), Ronnie. Ronnie stopped by Christmas Eve. Quite a shocker since I kicked him out for not attending school. He is doing well now, he says. Good for him.